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Yarn Whisperings

We like knitting.† When we frog our knitting, thatís all right.† It just means we get to knit longer.

If they would've just said, "if your gauge is 20 sts per 4 inches and you need to cast on for a 40 inch sweater, how many stitches should you cast on?" I would've understood Math so much better.  Instead they kept asking me about trains that started at different times and left in opposite directions...

Gauge is a fickle friend.† She can be my best friend and my enemy in the same sweater.† Itís a love / hate relationship that we have.

Knitting a gauge swatch is not wasted knitting time. Knitting a sweater that doesn't fit because you didn't do a gauge IS wasted knitting time.

I do not recommend knitting under the influence of Nyquil.† Your knitting could be perfect, but reading and understanding the pattern seems to fall by the wayside.† There are moments of lucidity between doses.† But they often have you frogging rows of perfectly good knitting.

Looking at spinning wheels and fiber on the internet is like looking at porn.† I always want to get my spinning wheel out and spin when I get off the computer.

It is a good idea to travel with an extra suitcase full of yarnójust in case one gets snowed in for a few days.† Unfortunately yarn shop employees are not considered essential personnel.† Ask me how I know this :)

I am grateful every day to those who are willing to scour wool and find themselves up to their elbows in crap.

Who needs a man if you have yarn?

You know you knit too much when attending holiday parties is based not on obligation but whether you can afford the knitting down time it takes to drive there and back.

Tonight I knit for tomorrow I balance the checkbook.

Knitting is my favorite topping for every day!

You have to be the one in charge of your knitting.  But you also have to be the one in charge of knowing when youíre fighting a losing battle.  We are like knitting generals in the army of yarn.  We make the strategic decisions of which yarn to use for which project; which needles to use, what pattern to use.  But like all good generals, we also must understand that we donít win every battle.  I have twice decided this year that I wasnít going to win a knitting battle.  So I withdrew my forces.  Thatís right.  I retreated.  I reclaimed my yarn and needles.  Now they stand at the ready to knit again.

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1am in a Nyquil induced haze is not the optimum time to do the math for a sweater you're knitting. 2am will make you cry after you have knitted several rows THEN realized you used a 6 instead of an 8 in your math.

Much like the child whose plate is full because his eyes are bigger than his stomach, I have a large stash because my eyes knit faster than my hands.

To a knitter, YARN is the diamonds of life.

It's all about increments. You don't pick up yarn and needles and it becomes a sweater. It becomes a sweater one stitch at a time.