Crochet 1 covers instruction in the chain, single crochet, double crochet (and time permitting, the triple crochet) stitches.


Technique 1—Fair Isle
Technique 2—Cable

Technique 3—Entrelac

Technique 4—Illusion, aka Shadow Knitting

Technique 5—Knitting With Beads

Technique 6—Lace Knitting  Session 1, Session 2

Technique 7—Log Cabin
Technique 8—Intarsia

Technique 9—Mitred Squares

Technique 10—Double Knitting

Technique 11—Mosaic Knitting

Technique 12—A Study in Short Rows

Knitting 1—basic learn to knit

Knitting 2—scarf

Knitting 3—hat on double pointed needles, a The Basket Case Lady exclusive of my own design

Knitting 4—Baby Booties

Knitting 5—fixing your knitting mistakes, a "must have" class, space is limited

Knitting 6—shawl

Knitting 7—slipper socks, a The Basket Case Lady exclusive of my own design.  Now a two session class!

Sweater Prep:  Mysteries of the Gauge Swatch—In this class we will learn the importance of your gauge swatch, and how to swatch properly.

The Frog Pond

Bring your knitting, crocheting, or needlework and join us.  If you need help with a pattern or fixing a mistake, I’ll be glad to help you.

What The Frog Pond isn't  Frog Pond is not a substitute for a learn to knit or crochet class.  If you want to knit something but don't already know how to knit, then we should get together for a class first. If you want to crochet something but don't already know how to crochet, then again we should get together for a class first.  I offer both of these classes through Michaels in Pinole. If you wish for a private lesson then contact me.

Frog Pond is not a substitute for a project class that is already offered.  However, anyone is welcome to come to The Frog Pond for follow up in any of the classes that they've attended or to ask for help with a pattern.

Knitting 1 covers instruction in the cast on, knit, purl and bind off stitches.
Knitting 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 can be taken in any order.  The ability to knit & purl is required for Knitting 2-7, all sweater classes, Sweater Prep and all other Knitting Project classes.



I’ve been knitting for over 45 years, since I was 8 years old.  I’ve been crocheting for over 20 years.  I have over 30 years experience teaching these combined crafts.

Build Your Own Class

I do my best to schedule a variety of classes and to add project classes that my students have been asking for.  But if a class you would like to take doesn't fit in your schedule, or if I don't have a class you were wishing for, you have the opportunity to build you own class. 


If you can gather several friends (a minimum of four students total) I can find a time to make a class work (availability permitting).  Just send me an email  with the class you would like, the names and numbers of your group that would like to participate, and a couple of options of times. 


I'll usually contact you within a week of submission, and do my best to make it work.  Advance payment is required.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are also available at a slightly higher rate.  Please contact me  for more information and to schedule a mutually agreeable time.

The Wonderful Wallaby—Together we will knit this sweater hoodie in a series of classes spanning 3-4 mos.  Yes, you can knit a sweater.

Crochet 2—Baby Blanket, a The Basket Case Lady exclusive of my own design!

Crochet classes are offered during the summer months.  Arrangements can be made for private lessons during the rest of the year.

Crochet 3—Baby Bonnet, a The Basket Case Lady exclusive of my own design!

Crochet 4—Granny Squares, a crochet staple.

The Remember Sweater—Together we will knit this cardigan.  The smocked pattern stitch is truly lovely, and so easy to do.  We’ll learn how to knit set in sleeves, a sleeve cap, a collar, a button band and button holes.  Yes, we actually KNIT the button hole!  The easy-to-knit smocked stitch pattern is for a small percentage of the sweater.  The bulk of it is in stockinette stitch, which moves along pretty quickly

Intermediate Knitting




Lace Scarf


Blocking Your Knitting & Crochet Work

Baby Surprise Jacket

Knotted Fringe

Knitting From the Center Out

Tree of Life Baby Afghan

Great North American Afghan

Short Sleeve Cardigan KAL—This lacy short-sleeved cardigan with a wide v-neck makes a statement over a simple t-shirt. Size 4mm (U.S. 6) and 4.5mm (U.S. 7) knitting needles.

Baby Sweater CAL—Crochet Along

Knitting Technique Classes

Crochet a Market Bag

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